SomaDetect provides answers to every dairy farmer’s biggest questions:

Are my cows healthy? Is there a disease present that could spread throughout the herd? Did Dahlilah eat enough? Are my food rations sufficient? Should I change feed? Is this new bedding worth it? How much will I be paid this month? Is my milk contaminated? How could I improve my farm? Are my farm hands able to catch cases of mastitis? Am I milking cows that I shouldn’t be milking? How do I treat disease on my farm? Do I need antibiotics for this? Is Latte ready to reproduce? Will Daisy get pregnant? Should I send this cow for slaughter? Can I improve production? Can I improve my profit margins? Is my farm sustainable? How can I improve sustainability? Am I a good farmer?

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Benefits in a nutshell

  1. Earn every penny of your quality bonus and produce the best possible milk.
  2. Detect each and every heat period, and ensure reproductive success.
  3. Know precisely which cow is sick and minimize the use of unnecessary antibiotics.
  4. Catch sub-clinical and clinical disease, and treat the problem when it matters most.
  5. Optimize quality of the milk and safeguard your milk supply from antibiotics or contaminants.
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A Hardware & Software Solution Designed for Farmers with Farmers

SomaDetect uses a revolutionary sensor technology combined with cutting-edge computer vision and machine learning techniques to maximize the information obtained from each drop of milk. SomaDetect’s patented technology uses light scattering to assess every major compound of interest from raw milk in real time. By measuring key dairy-quality variables from every cow at every milking, SomaDetect is helping dairy farmers to close the information gap, reduce the spread of disease, and optimize their farming activities.

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What problem does this solve?

Dairy farmers do not receive measurements of milk-quality indicators, such as somatic cell counts, fat, and protein content, as frequently as they need. At most, they receive these measurements once a month, and so many rely on averaged measurements from bulk milk to make critical management decisions. If provided regularly, this information can be used to diagnose disease, identify cows in heat, eliminate anti-microbial contamination, and to manage overall production. Worldwide, dairy farmers lose $175 B annually due to these common issues. Better monitoring allows farmers to effortlessly track quality, observe trends and spot production problems before they arise.