Bharath Sudarsan

Bharath Sudarsan is the Director of Deep Learning of SomaDetect. Bharath is a computer-vision and machine-learning expert who believes that deep-learning algorithms are the future of dairy, and indeed the world. Bharath grew up in a small farming community in India. He never stands down in the face of a challenge and knows that the world can be tough and cruel, but is committed to changing it for the better. Bharath believes in family, and in the goodness of cows and their milk. He is most known for his incredible cooking skills, for his careful attention to the finest of details, and for working hard regardless of the circumstances. Bharath was the leader of the McGill Agricultural Robotics Club, and has also developed several algorithms being used today in the food and agricultural industry. Bharath has been awarded the Graduate Excellence Award at McGill University and the Cambridge Business English Public Speaking Award for being one of the top public speakers in all of India. Bharath holds a Master’s Degree in Bioresource Engineering from McGill University.