Margaret Kerr

"Working in dairy technology is a new adventure for me and I am excited to learn and be a part of a team working so hard to support dairy farmers"

Margaret Kerr is the Office Manager at SomaDetect and the Executive Assistant to CEO Bethany Deshpande. Margaret believes in an all-hands-on-deck approach to collaboration and is always eager to jump in where she’s needed. She knows that the best way to solve problems is to anticipate and prevent them, and with a background in the arts and entertainment industries, she has had her fair share of unusual ones. Margaret co-founded two theater companies and has brought shows to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the BFF Theater Festival in Santa Monica, CA. Margaret holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Dramatic Theory and Practice from Harvard University where she won the Boylston Prize for Elocution and the David McCord Prize for Artistic Excellence.