Mike Boncaldo

Mike graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, and has been a Software Engineer ever since.  Over his 25 year career Mike has worked with a wide range of technologies, specializing in system-level and embedded software for engineering applications. Industry experience includes computer storage and network products, commercial consumer software, media and entertainment, medical devices, finance, chemical and industrial processes, artificial intelligence, and (now) agriculture.
Outside of work Mike is a drummer, and has been involved in the Buffalo area music scene for decades, mostly playing original Roch & Roll music. His discography includes at least 10 albums and EPs.
Favorite musical artist: Little Feat
Favorite movie: Repo Man
Favorite food: Corned beef (hopefully the cows didn't hear that)
Favorite activity: Using an oscilloscope to debug software!
Other interests: Electronics and cooking.