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Better data for farmers

Every day, dairy farmers make management decisions for the farm, often with respect to individual animals. However, farmers do not have frequent, accurate information for individual animals. As a result, farmers must make decisions without the right information available, acting on a hunch based off averaged, whole-herd data. Dairy farmers need data in real time about individual animals that will give them with the information they need to reduce the severity and spread of disease, minimize the use of unnecessary antibiotics, manage reproduction, stop contamination, and maximize the quality of milk going into the bulk tank.

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Better milk for consumers

Dairy is 10% of the world’s protein and an important part of the global food system. SomaDetect helps dairy farmers to maximize the quality of milk produced on their farm, resulting in better food products, and also better pay cheques. By identifying sick cows early, and treating them effectively, farmers can be confident in the safety of their milk, producing nothing but high-quality, delicious dairy.

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Better lives for cows

There are many common diseases in dairy that can be tracked and diagnosed from the milk. One such disease, mastitis, is a painful disease of the udder, while others, such as ketosis, is a nutritional disorder that occurs due to imbalances in food sources. Beyond impacting milk quality, these diseases impact the quality of life of dairy cows. In some cases, dairy cows may spend days or weeks in pain before they receive any treatment, and often treatment comes too late. Diagnosing early can make all the difference for cows, both for their comfort and for their lives.