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Benefits for Dairy Farmers

We believe in putting farmers first.


Better Herd Health

Our technology allows you to see trends, not data points from a single moment in time. You can watch the immune response to infection, identify ketosis and acidosis, and make a clear decision about whether or not an intervention is required. Stop the spread of disease from one animal to another.

You can share your data and analytics with a vet so that they always know how things are going, and how they can help. You can communicate on what the best treatment options are for your herd while always being on the same page.


Better Milk Quality

Know when problems arise, and react in the early stages. Improve your bulk tank by knowing exactly what levels of fat and protein are in each cow’s milk. With a better bulk tank, you can get the components bonus at every milking and provide consumers with the best possible milk.


Better Reproductive Success

Reproduction status of a cow can be detected through their milk by tracking hormone levels and pregnancy-associated glycoproteins. With this data, you can inseminate at the ideal time, know when a cow is pregnant, and keep your cows milking as often as possible. Make every vial of sexed semen worth the price.


Peace of Mind

Detect the presence of antimicrobials and inhibitors before processing. Stop accidents before they become costly and ensure milk can be used by processors to its full potential to make cheese and yogurt.

Testing out new feed? Watch the effect on protein and butterfat, and make a clear decision about whether it helps or it hurts. By being able to monitor trends in milk components, you can customize your feed for each cow.

 Discover our advantage.

Our technology delivers better data for farmers, better milk for consumers, and better lives for cows.