Tanmay Shah

Tanmay K. Shah is working as Junior DevOps Engineer at SomaDetect. Tanmay is from Ahmedabad, India, he started his journey with coding from 10th grade. Tanmay works with the cloud infrastructure, his main responsibilities includes optimizing cloud architecture, creating highly available, cost efficient, and fault tolerant cloud solution. Besides that Tanmay works with Embedded Engineers, Fullstack developers and Machine Learning engineers for creating best strategies which will help to push data to the cloud. Tanmay holds Master's degree in Computer Science and Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering, also has almost 2 years of hands experience with web development. Tanmay strongly believes in having positive mindset, learning attitude, converting each challenge into opportunity, taking calculated risk for stepping out from comfort zone. He also believes that only having college degree will not enhance his skills and won't give him great exposure in today's world, hence he took online courses for engaging in cutting-edge technologies like Machine Learning, Blockchain, Amazon Web Services from the platforms like Udemy, Udacity and Coursera. Tanmay is AWS certified Solution Architect, AWS certified SysOps Administrator, and AWS certified Developer. Tanmay is very much excited in his role to integrate different technology stacks like Internet of things, Cloud, Machine Learning, Web Development with dairy industry. Besides professional life Tanmay likes reading books, playing outdoor sports, watching political debates, cycling, and hanging out with friends.