Farmer Testimonials

“Hi , we just wanted to let you know we used the SCC numbers you sent to identify a mastitis cow we didn't know about previously. Thanks.” - Karen

“SomaDetect has created something for dairy farmers that I can use easily without having to spend money on big, expensive equipment or pay to have each of my cows tested every month. With SomaDetect, I get more accurate information that costs less and provides feedback in real-time when critical decisions need to be made.” - John-Wiebe

“It is exciting to be part of the development process and see what changes and progress is being made.  There is some extra work involved with being part of the process but it lets us have input on what we do/don't like.  The discussions had on farm about the potential for this product are a nice benefit.” - Jens

“Having quick SCC results could save cows lives with early detection, it could also mean we find chronic problem cows that are always fluctuating.  It could detect if there is something going on in the barn that needs to be addressed before we have a lot of sick cows.” - Dave