Weidan Ni

"Focusing on the farmer and their cows ensures SomaDetect is building the best product possible" 

Weidan Ni has the role of Business Analyst at SomaDetect. Originally from China, Weidan has more than two decades of experience in a global financial institution. Weidan provides balance on the team and is not to be underestimated. She is used to working quickly and effectively, as well as leading lots of people. She understands business, and how challenging it can be to take on new business activities in new countries and new cultures. Nevertheless, Weidan does not let language or cultural barriers get in the way of speaking up and is a leader when it comes to understanding the right way and the right time to take action. Weidan is excited to be working in the dairy industry. She understands the global potential of SomaDetect and hopes to one day build the bridge to Chinese markets and beyond. Weidan holds a post-graduate diploma of business analysis from New Brunswick Community College.